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Here's what our clients have to say... 


"Thank you Sally-

You have touched our angel and family with your care & guidance."

Jim, a parent from Northern Virginia


"I cannot thank you enough for how helpful, constructive, and patient you have been throughout my whole college application process.  In the beginning I was very intimidated and lost.  You guided me step by step through a process by which I learned so much about myself.  I could not have done it without you!  Words cannot describe how beyond excited I am to be the first in my family to go to college!"

Elise, student from Northern Virginia


"Sally was very helpful in formulating and presenting my son’s resume

in the most impactful and beneficial manner.  She was great at getting him to brainstorm about his college application and essay.  Sandi, the writing coach provided through Roemer Educational Consulting, was also wonderful. My son's college essay and answers to supplementals would definitely not have been of the same quality without her.  Both Sally and Sandi were very responsive to all our questions and concerns.   Sally really encouraged my son to take ownership of the whole process and worked alone with him.  I know my son really appreciated that.”  

Jean, a mom from Northern Virginia

"Thank you Sally!!! You are worth your weight in gold."


Mary Pat, a parent from Northern Virginia

"Working with Mrs. Roemer was the best decision I

made in the college application process.  As she

worked with me through every part of my applications, she was patient and gave me the best possible chance for admission to schools that she helped me decide were a great fit for me. I will be at my dream school next year and I owe all my thanks to her."


Peyton, a student from Northern Virginia

"Sally Roemer’s help was invaluable for

our son, and worth every penny!  She allowed us to step back from the process, and enabled our son to take ownership of his applications and to proceed with her very capable, expert assistance."


Mike, a dad from Maryland

"THANK YOU!!!  We could have NEVER made the deadline without you!  You

are a dream!"


Heidi, a parent from Northern Virginia

"Thank you so much for all your help as I went through the college application process these past months.  You were an invaluable aid and counselor.  I appreciate all the time you took reading essays, researching schools, and talking strategy with me."


Jack, a student from Maryland

"Sally came to the rescue when we

were living overseas and our son

wanted to explore colleges in the U.S. He is our oldest so we hadn't gone through the process before and needed someone who could explain every aspect of it and guide him through it.


The happy ending is that he has been accepted into his first-choice program (which Sally identified) and his dad and I played only a supporting role in the process. Sally oversaw everything from determining his SAT schedule to editing Max's application essays and everything in between. She also kept him on schedule with regular email and Skype conversations plus reminders of when things needed to be completed. 


Despite the time differences (first between Washington and South Africa and then, when we moved, between Washington and Denver), Sally was always available.


We are so grateful for the way things went. I can only imagine the time we would have spent navigating this gauntlet on our own and the potential strain it could have put on our relationship with Max. Instead, we are all thrilled with the process and with the outcome. It was worth every penny."


Kristen, a mom from South Africa

"Thank you for helping us through the

transfer admissions process.  Your ability to

take charge and be responsive during a time critical situation was instrumental in our son’s acceptance.  Your “call to action” approach helped our son organize, prioritize, navigate and tackle the steps necessary to complete his transfer application Plus, your no-stress manner was much appreciated during a hectic time.  GREAT JOB!  Masterfully done!"


Jim, a dad from Northern Virginia

"I sent my 16-year-old son to Roemer

Educational Consulting for a Myers-Briggs assessment as he was starting the process of looking at colleges and majors. Sally affirmed what he was thinking and helped him to focus in on a particular major. It has made him more confident in his choice and even motivated him to look more specifically at college requirements and step up his studying to get into his dream program."


Carolyn, a mom from Northern Virginia


"Thank you again Sally for your excellent guidance, advice, support and assistance with all aspects of our daughter’s transfer journey, from initial organization to school selection to applications and essays and finally to decision-making.  You are a veritable font of college knowledge!  Additionally, your gentle but firm hand kept us on track with an eye on the prize.  As you know, we were rewarded with a perfect fit school and are very grateful for your help."   

Stephanie, a parent from Northern Virginia

"Sally made the application process incredibly

smooth and easy going.  She didn’t hesitate to go

the extra mile whenever I needed her.  She always made time to Skype with me and help me through the tougher parts of the process even though I lived in a different time zone nine hours away.

Among all the great schools Sally recommended for me, right off the bat she found the best school for me in the perfect location.  She not only helped me get into a number of universities, she was also willing to counsel me through the decision process."


Max, a student from South Africa

"Thank you so much for all your help

throughout the college process.  I don’t

know what I would have done without your constant reminders, tips, and awesome essay support. I am SO EXCITED to attend [University X] next year.  I could not have done it without all your help.  Thank you so much!"


Paige, a student from Northern Virginia


"We really are very appreciative for you swooping in during the 11th hour and helping

us save the day with our daughter and the college process.  I can't thank you enough!  Not only were you professional, extremely knowledgeable and diligent in helping her find the best fit in a college, your personal touch and warmth provided great ease during a typically stressful time.  With your guidance, our daughter's dream of attending her top choice college became reality.  We are thrilled and so grateful for your help and experience during this process!"

Nancy, a parent from Northern Virginia


"You supported Nick in so many ways from the very start of this journey. There were times when he could not hear us, but could listen to you. All your information about colleges, encouragement through the application process, and confidence that he would find a place that was suited to him were priceless.  Thank you!"

Katy, a mom from Berkeley, California

"Thank you so much for helping me

find a college that fits me perfectly.  I hadn't even thought to consider [this university] before you pointed out all the ways it would work for me.  You opened my mind and that allowed me to find my path.”

Nicole, a student from Northern Virginia

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