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College and Career Counseling Services

Roemer Educational Consulting services include:

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  • Complete college application oversight and assistance;

  • Personalized "Best Fit" college recommendations including schools in the safety, target and reach categories as well as the potential for merit aid;

  • Strategic guidance on application timeline (i.e., Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision);

  • Complete essay brainstorming, development and editing services;

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® College and Career Assessments;

  • Development of detailed student college application resume to present your student in the best possible light;

  • Evaluation of and recommendations on future college admissions testing;

  • Advice on high school course selection;

  • Guidance on extracurricular and summer activities;

  • Scholarship search and application assistance;

  • Admissions interview preparation;

  • Advice on final enrollment decision-making.

Comprehensive Packages and Stand Alone Services:

Comprehensive College Counseling Package



(Most popular)

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"Best Fit"
College Search Package



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Transfer Student
Counseling Package
College Application Resumé Services



Businessman or job seeker review his resume on his desk before send to finding a new job w
Advising for 8th and 9th Grade Families



Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®



College Application Essay Editing Services




Words really do seem

terribly insufficient to express how deeply grateful we are for your guidance with [our daughter].  We were truly lost and couldn't see our way forward.  Your intelligence and knowledge around the college application process is a gift that you shared with us.  Thank you so much!

-Nina, a mom from Northern Virginia



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